5 Steps in the Sales Process

There are five steps in the sales process:

1. Introduction

2. Presentation

3. Problem/Solution

4. Close

5. Rehash

Each step in the sales process requires a potential customer to be sold on that particular step. If a potential customer is not clear on your message of the previous step you may not move forwards in the process. It is important to build a “yes train” (choo choo) at every step in the sales process, so the potential customer agrees with every step in the process. The sales process is not a monologue, it is a conversation between two human beings.

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Always Be Closing

This is the most obvious point, but many people, myself included, gloss over it because they want to cut right to the chase! Take your time and relax. Say your name and the company you work for first and foremost so potential customers know who they are speaking to.

This part can be short. You should be able to sum up in one sentence what your company does and why it is awesome. This is a brief elevator pitch of the awesome you and your company are doing in the world. Make sure the person you are talking to agrees with you and understands what you are trying to get across. If you are not sure if they understand, ask “Does that make sense?” or “Have you heard about us before?”. If they answer with “no” respond with, “That’s exactly why I’m here!”. You are there to explain the situation and move forward with the sales process. It is important to build on “yeses” throughout your conversation.

This is an important place to build impulse in the potential customer. Your voice can drop lower and speak slower about the problem. The problem you are there to solve is a serious one. When explaining the solution brighten up and speak faster. Feel the weight of the problem and feel lifted with the solution when you present. Don’t be creepy. Have a question with an obvious yes answer to build common ground. No one likes a problem. Your job as the salesperson is to be the solution!

After you have introduced yourself, presented your case, explained the problem and the proposed solution (that they agree with) it is time for The Big Ask™. Be direct. Ask for what you want. Impulse the potential customer on the fact that other people are getting involved in exactly this way by exactly this process. Be confident and know that you have done this before. (If you have not done this before, pretend!) Now is when you talk about money. It is important to not skip steps before closing someone.

This part comes after the deal has finished. Ask questions to ensure that the customer is engaged and understands. Show your humanity and be personable. The rehash also ensures your company has quality customers. Be excited! Explain exactly what the customer can expect from you and your company. Explain exactly what you and your company expect from them as a customer. Be clear and concise. Answer any questions the customer might have. Move on! You have more people to speak with.

Engineer, writer and community organizer. I built Employbl to help candidates get jobs in the Bay Area: https://employbl.com/

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