Three giant conglomerates have rolled up the American rental car industry, resulting in low wages, less opportunity, higher prices and worse service.

Olympic athletes marching into the 2021 Tokyo games.

Mural in West Oakland. Photo credit: me.

Photo credit: Cristofer Jeschke

Summary of 2017 article by Joseph Stiglitz on concentrated corporate power in America

The Bosses of the Sentate, political cartoon, 1889

There is a widespread sense of powerlessness, both in our economic and political life. We seem no longer to control our own destinies. If we don’t like our Internet company or our cable TV, we either…

Coding circa 2001 in the movie Swordfish
  • Outco: this is a more or less full time program for a month. I’ve found it helpful so far; I’m still in the program :)
  • Employbl: is a program I’m working on with a small but mighty team. The idea is to help candidates organize their job hunt by providing…

The internet is ruled by concentrated corporate power.

The Role

  • Develop and manage infrastructure in AWS (CloudFormation, Terraform, etc)
  • Monitor and maintain existing infrastructure (CloudWatch, New Relic, Lacework, etc)
  • Manage automation and CI/CD pipeline
  • Manage configuration and patching…

Connor Leech

Engineer, writer and community organizer. I built Employbl to help candidates get jobs in the Bay Area:

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