Three giant conglomerates have rolled up the American rental car industry, resulting in low wages, less opportunity, higher prices and worse service.

Renting a car takes forever. Last week we rented a car, there was a huge line, then we got transferred to another line. By the time we got to the front desk the agency was out of car seats even though we’d specifically reserved them online with our booking. The…

This post contains a comprehensive list of startups and software companies in Oakland, CA + my favorite picks of private startups well positioned to succeed 🚀

Mural in West Oakland. Photo credit: me.

Oakland’s great. If you’re reading this article you’re probably already interested in the tech scene in Oakland, CA. Maybe you’ve founded your own startup…

Summary of 2017 article by Joseph Stiglitz on concentrated corporate power in America

The Bosses of the Sentate, political cartoon, 1889

For me the problem with monopolies is seeing the same shopping mall with a Starbucks, CVS and Walmart wherever you drive in America. An economy run by billionaires and monopolists is boring. Stiglitz begins his piece by describing this sad state of affairs in America today. It’s kind of a…

Coding circa 2001 in the movie Swordfish

Ah the coding interview. Have you cracked it yet? Do you know how to invert a binary tree? Fear not. With dedication you can study to do all of these things. Here is one of many resources, a resource of resources if you will about preparing for software engineer interviews.

Humans, homo sapiens our unique genus and species is remarkably different from any other creature on Earth. We cross oceans and setup limited liability corporations, tame animals and breed crops. We’ve altered the climate of the planet through our activities. We’ve altered the Earth’s ecology and are the only species…

The internet is ruled by concentrated corporate power.

I’m here to talk about what happens when you type in “”. Why Oatmeal Dream? Because perhaps you want to start a website about the dreams you have about Oatmeal. It’s going to be huge. There are major business implications for the oatmeal and sleep businesses. The first thing you…

Connor Leech

Engineer, writer and community organizer. I built Employbl to help candidates get jobs in the Bay Area:

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