Hey, here’s some stuff I’m working on:

First one: listor. It’s an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

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R2D2 is real and he lives among us.

I’m a technical recruiter by day. I build things by night. If you have experience with the MEAN stack then let’s talk. This product is very basic and helps me in my job. It needs to be built out. Hit me up at connorleech@gmail.com if you are interested in ES5 Javascript development.

Second project: Allow people to search contributors to a github repo by location. You think it exists. It does not.

E-commerce website. I’m building with my family. This is uploaded via FTP and uses FTP but totally open to use some cray redux shopping cart. Got it on github already and can’t wait until it takes off, I’ll lol. Repo on github:

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Until next week.. Cheers, Connor.

Engineer, writer and community organizer. I built Employbl to help candidates get jobs in the Bay Area: https://employbl.com/

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