Hey @piyushmishra889 Here is the source code for the site: https://github.com/connor11528/connor11528-blog

I added a Custom Resource Record for the www namespace so that www.connorleech.info forwards to the base url connorleech.info. You’ll see when you go to www the www gets stripped out.


If looking for companies in the Bay Area for jobs and hiring please be sure to check out https://employbl.com/. For that site made out of Laravel, Javascript and Vue.js I deployed it with Laravel Forge and the Google Domain name servers are pointing to a Digital Ocean droplet. That’s specific for a LAMP stack setup on Laravel Forge though. You don’t have to worry about it for generating and hosting static HTML, CSS and Javascript websites!

Engineer, writer and community organizer. I built Employbl to help candidates get jobs in the Bay Area: https://employbl.com/

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