People really like Vue tutorials

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posted Vue tutorials that became local maxims

I’ve been writing AWS tutorials, Laravel tutorials and Vue.js tutorials. I’ve also published tutorials on Hexo.js and Django.

Recently, the all time great about building a shopping cart with Vuex popped off the chart. Vuex is a little complicated. I wrote a follow up tutorial about another way to build a shopping cart in Vue.js.

The Javascript reddit channel is kind of psycho. Reddit in general is kind of where the trolls hang out, but it did generate strong opinions about the flavor-of-the-week-js which apparently is a thing.

Vue.js has worked great for me so far and it’s a matter of challenge for me to build something that can be optimized with a better tool.

The challenges on the backend with Laravel, AWS and PHP definitely deserve more attention, but I will admit that front end code can be fun to write.

  • Recently started a newsletter on Vue.js, Laravel and AWS tutorials
  • Currently checking out Laravel and Node.js payment integrations

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