Register a domain name using AWS Route 53

You want to use AWS. Transfering domain names from another DNS provider to AWS can be a pain. Therefore, it is best to purchase your domain names using Amazon’s Route 53 service.

For those unfamiliar, Route 53 is the routing service and Domain Name Registry (DNS) for Amazon Web Services.

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Amazon Route 53’s logo

On the side click Registered Domains

Click Register Domain

Enter your desired domain name and check to make sure it is available.

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Me registering my new domain name

You can select how many years you would like to register the domain name for. Mine cost $12 per year of domain registration. Some domain names and top level domains (such as .co, .io, .guru etc) can be more expensive. This is only the cost for the domain name itself. It can cost additional money to host a website on a server, though for low traffic sites there are many free options.

Enter your contact information on the next page. This is required by an internet regulatory body called ICANN.

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Amazon will send you a verification email to make sure you entered your actual email address. Click the link in the email to verify the email you provided is legitimate.

Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Congrats! You have successfully registered a brand new domain name using Amazon Web Services’ Route 53. These steps are detailed ad nauseam in Amzon’s documentation for those so inclined to read on.

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In future tutorials we’ll go through steps required to launch a blog and connect this domain to code for the internetz.

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